There is even more evidence that Crist and Heffley probably broke federal law

Within an hour last night of RedState tying the anti-Crist (no, not anti-Christ) Hitler video to Crist’s own campaign team in an effort to smear Marco Rubio, the website Crist’s team set up had been taken completely offline.It’s back up today thanking RedState for giving it exposure. It’s kind of hard for us to send traffic their way when they have to take the site down. Notice, with the site back up, that they have scrubbed the Hitler video from the site, they have also completely scrubbed and redone the articles after we pointed out that they were violating the copyright laws of every major news organization in Florida, and they have not denied anything we’ve said.But wait, there is more.Rich Heffley, Charlie Crist’s campaign consultant, created the website.Heffley rents his office space from the Republican Party of Florida at 420 E Jefferson Street in Tallahassee, FL.Guess who also rents his campaign office space at the same address?According to the Federal Elections Commission, Charlie Crist pays the Republican Party of Florida $1606.00 a month in rent for his campaign. We know from the anti-Rubio website, before they scrubbed it, that Rich Heffley created this website from his office computer — the source file for at least one picture traced back to it.It seems more than a little telling that Heffley, Crist, and the RPOF, the chairman of which has actively tried to bar Marco Rubio from appearing on the ballot for the Senate race, would all be working from the same building creating Hitler parodies and attack websites all in an effort to smear Rubio.The irony is that the Crist campaign’s chief consultant is having to create fake Hitler videos attacking his own client in a lame effort to attack Rubio when all anyone would have to do to attack Crist is show this actual newscast. I wonder if Heffley will start circulating it next. Maybe that’s why he’s running the Katherine Harris – Marco Rubio connection right now.