Rich Heffley Denies and Admits His Involvement

Poor Rich Heffley.After refusing to deny his involvement in the anti-Rubio website to a reporter yesterday and refusing to deny his involvement in the anti-Crist Hitler video, today he is issuing a non-denial. You see, it was not him who set up the website, but he passed along lots of the research.So . . . considering the source file we found . . . is that an admission that someone else in the offices of the Republican Party of Florida set up the website? If so, there is a serious coordinate problem under federal law.Heffley also says it is “insane” to think he created the Hitler video. Allegedly, someone forwarded it to him within three days of its creation and posting without fanfare on YouTube and Heffley got his dander up so much that he . . . errr . . . someone who he knows but will not name despite the source code showing it happened in his office . . . created a brand new website three days later and made that video the star of the show.Right.Riiiigggghhhtttttt.By the way, it is important to remember exactly why Charlie Crist and Rich Heffley have tried to distract everyone by playing the Hitler and crappy website cards.Why? Not because of this newscast, but because of this one.