Did Charlie Crist and Rich Heffley Create the Charlie Crist Hitler Video?

UPDATE: Within an hour of posting this, the anti-Rubio site is now totally offline — server will not respond.————————————-The plot thickens in Florida.A video popped up on YouTube on October 24, 2009, using the standard Hitler clip all the kids are using these days to mock Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Senate campaign against conservative stalwart and Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Naturally, it was an anonymous account that was also created on October 24, 2009.Three days later, the Crist campaign launched it’s anti-Marco Rubio website called truthaboutrubio.com. The star of the website was the Hitler video. The website ran a poll alleging Rubio’s campaign was behind the video and the website condemned Rubio for it.When RedState pointed out that Rich Heffley’s name appeared in the source code of the website, Heffley had the website taken down and his name was scrubbed.But we also were quick to point out the timeline and relationship between this “anonymous” website and the anonymously created Hitler video.Well, when the website came back online, every reference to the Hitler video had vanished. The poll was gone too, replaced by one about having two government jobs.Except that Heffley failed to also delete his twitter post trying to tie Marco to the HItler video. You can see a screenshot here in case this too gets deleted. If you follow the link in the tweet, you arrived at a page that says “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”Why would the allegedly anonymous website designed to attack Marco Rubio scrub both Rich Heffley’s name from the website and delete all references to the Hitler video and its possible ties to Rubio unless Heffley and the Crist campaign were connected to both?