Charlie Crist Attacks Marco Rubio With a Fake (and poorly done) Website

Talk about desperation. Charlie Crist has set up a fake website to cover the “truth” about Marco Rubio.. Why do I call it a fake website?Well, the website’s domain registry shows this:Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 27-Oct-09
Expires on: 27-Oct-11
Last Updated on: 27-Oct-09

The website has blog posts time stamped all the way back to 2007 even thought it was only created yesterday.It tries to tie Marco Rubio to a Hitler video parody of Charlie Crist — a video Rubio condemned upon finding out about it (he should have gone after it for a lack of comedic value other than the sun tan jab), but that this Charlie Crist backed site is fixated on.Funny how the Crist Hitler video appeared on October 24th and the Anti-Rubio site came out three days later and just happens to have as its big story the Hitler video, complete with polling.Hmmmm . . . .Is Crist so desperate that he puts out an exceedingly lame video and then tries to blame Rubio for it?Why am I guessing this is Charlie Crist hit job? Well, first the Democrats have no need to attack Rubio now.Secondly, the anti-Rubio website has a Twitter Account. And who was following the site until twenty minutes ago? Michelle Todd. Who is Michelle Todd? Special Assistant to Governor Charlie Crist. Likewise, the Senate GOP Conference is following and Mike Reed from the NRSC is following. [Note: Senate GOP says they follow everyone who follows them, which is normal, and the NRSC denies any involvement whatsoever, despite their endorsement and championing of Crist.]I wonder what an Open Records Act request to the Governor’s Office for IP information related to the anti-Rubio site would turn up.UPDATE: Also following and being followed by the twitter account is William McGinley, General Counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Hmmm . . . given the number of NRSC connections, I wonder if they have something to do with this too.UPDATE 2: Beware of source code problems.UPDATE 3: Crist’s team has now yanked the website. Hahahaha