What of Pataki, D'Amato, and Guiliani?

George Pataki and Al D’Amato in particular, but both and Rudy too were helped by New York’s Conservative Party.George Pataki would not have been elected Governor the first time without the Conservative Party’s assistance.They are not just local names. All three have national names. They are connected to the Republican Party and, to a degree, they are connected to the fall of the Republicans in New York.All three, though, have been supported by Republicans and by conservatives. Some may not have always agreed with them on positions, but I think the overwhelming majority of conservatives always recognized them to be good men who were with us a heck of a lot more than they were against us.Why are they remaining silent?Doug Hoffman’s victory in NY-23 will serve as a repudiation to the New York Republican Party, which, after D’Amato, Pataki, and Guiliani, largely grew fat, happy, and corrupt — riding on the victories of those three men without the party itself doing anything.George Pataki, Al D’Amato, and Rudy Guiliani could help rebuild the brand and rebuild a movement for positive change in New York. Ironically, to do it, they would have to come out strongly for Doug Hoffman instead of the woman who nominally has the “R” next to her name.But they can and they should. I hope they will.