We need to step it up for Cuccinelli

Friends, Ken Cuccinelli is being outspent 9 to 1 in Virgina and is still winning.

The Republican Attorneys General Association has for reasons unknown to me not given to Cuccinelli. I’m told the Republican State Leadership Committee gave to Cuccinelli and RAGA’s money was part of that. Still, unions and left-wing interest groups intent on holding the Virginia AG’s office for 2012 are giving the Democrat a lot more. For perspective, the GOP gave Cuccinelli $250K and the Dem equivalent gave Shannon $625K. Shannon ran without a primary or convention, unlike Cuccinelli.

We need to help one of our own — and Cuccinelli is one of our own.

Will you please consider giving to him today. Every penny counts. And with the Commonwealth of Virginia trying to deny the military the right to participate in elections, we need a strong conservative like Cuccinelli in the Attorney General’s chair.

Give what you can. I know money is tight. But Ken really is one of us and he needs our help.

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