Reporting From Afghanistan

Over at Human Events, Richard Tomkins is delivering on the scene reporting from Afghanistan.

The young Army captain lit a cigar, inhaled and took in the night sky. It had been a vexing week. His outpost had been attacked by extremists using rocket propelled grenades, a platoon had been fired upon while on an intelligence-gathering mission and people in the nearby market place, once friendly, were unusually stand-offish following an earlier pro-Taliban harangue by an unidentified visitor.  “The bad guys are very good at intimidating people and controlling what they do,” he said in reply to a reporter’s question. “They come and go. Some stay but many move back and forth to neighboring districts which makes them hard to track and target.“We’re new here and trying to make inroads with the local people, build relationships. But many are scared or just plain ambivalent and building trust takes time.”