Relying on Alan Grayson Can Get You Tossed On the Street

Alan Grayson is the corpulent congressman from Florida who compared Republican health care policy to the holocaust, thinks the Anti-Defamation League is a “crazy racist hate group” and just yesterday called a female advisor to the Federal Reserve a “whore.” Today comes word of an even more damning story. A gay couple down in Florida was facing foreclosure. ACORN and Alan Grayson rallied to their cause.

Cheyenne Bowers and his partner David Paxton thought they had gained a valuable ally.They were in a fight to save their home. He thought a pledge from an eager incoming freshman congressman to help them out through numerous programs might do the trick.”Expansion of existing federal programs like the FHA loans and the VA loans be more readily available at better terms than we’ve seen up to this point,” said Grayson in December 2008.The non-profit ACORN along with Grayson invited the media into Bowers and Paxton’s home to talk about fighting the foreclosure crisis, particularly fighting Bowers and Paxton’s foreclosure nightmare.

When the cameras went away, so did Alan Grayson. The foreclosure went through. The couple, in seriously bad health, were put out on the street.Alan Grayson used the camera exposure to catapult himself into Congress. The irony is that the couple should not have gotten a loan to begin with given their high risk. Grayson, failing to help them, then went to Congress and has championed giving more high risk people loans they cannot pay to begin with.Go here. Contribute to defeating Alan Grayson. Yes, yes, I know. This is an NRCC website. But unlike the NRSC, I’m not willing to abandon the NRCC, especially since this money will only be used against Alan Grayson. Besides, in the face of a crushing defeat to Scozzafava, we can be a bit magnanimous. 😉