What Other 2012 Candidates Will Stand With Conservatives?

There is still time for potential 2012 candidates to stand with Republican voters and the conservative base against the Inside the Beltway Establishment keen on abandoning principles for ACORN supported candidates.Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin, both talked about as 2012 candidates, have stood with the base.The Hill reports:

Other candidates, like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R), have said they will not get involved on either candidate’s behalf.

This is disappointing. At a time when the conservative brand is ascending and the Republican brand is still in the gutter, candidates like Romney and Huckabee have a chance to man up and stand with the base of the GOP — a base that is tired of TARP, No Child Left Behind, indictments, and out of control spending.If candidates step up before noon Wednesday, we should applaud them for their help. An endorsement by that time can still have a meaningful, positive impact on Doug Hoffman’s candidacy.But know this: waiting until after noon on Wednesday is a clear indication that the candidate is endorsing for show, and not really to help. We in the conservative movement want leaders who will stand with us, not suck up to us. Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty are breaking with the party at a key moment.It’s not too late for other Republicans to join them. But by Thursday, we can legitimately conclude such efforts would be just for show by establishment followers, not party or movement leaders.