Scozzafava Declares Herself Part of Abramoff Wing of GOP: Funnels Campaign Cash to Family

Jack Abramoff, present jailbird, was convicted of all sorts of crooked schemes. One of his favorites was to funnel money through various organizations into the hands of other people.It appears Dede Scozzafava is funneling RNC, NRCC, and donor dollars through her campaign account to her family.Dede Scozzafava is or was until recently the Chief Operating Officer of her brother’s company.

Her company’s key subsidiaries have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal tax liens. As of July 13, 2009 – or less than a week ago – three of Dede’s businesses have $192,000 in outstanding liens.

Dede’s brother is Thomas W. Scozzafava and he is married to Pearl Han Ashcraft.Dede Scozzafava’s campaign has paid $3750.00 in disclosed expenses to Pearl Han Productions, LLC for “Strategic Consulting,” the most bland of descriptions.Here’s where it gets interesting.Given the campaign’s propensity to file false police reports against reporters, I have no doubt this was intentionally designed to obfuscate what is going on.On Scozzafava’s disclosures, Pearl Han Productions, LLC is located at 2001 S.E. Sailfish Pt. Blvd. #112, Stuard, NY 34996. There is just one problem. No such place exists.What does exist, however, is 2001 S.E. Sailfish Pt. Blvd. #112, Stuart, FL 34996, a beautiful ocean front condo.At that address, you’ll find Pearl Han Productions, LLC, incorporated in the State of Florida. (PDF). The person in charge is Pearl Ashcraft, Dede’s sister-in-law.And if you think all that is too much of a coincidence, or maybe you think the campaign disclosure had just an innocent typo as to the address, consider this fact: Pearl Han Productions, LLC was not incorporated in the State of Florida until after the New York Republican Party made Dede Scozzafava its nominee.Scozzafava was chosen on August 19, 2009, and eight days later on August 27, 2009, Pearl Han Productions, LLC was filed with the Secretary of State and reviewed a day later by that office.Scozzafava doesn’t look to be just an ACORN candidate, but also more and more looks like an Abramoff Republican.

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