NC-17 Anyone?

Let’s ignore for a minute the name of this particular movie lest some of you think I’m after it only for its name or religious connotations.If I told you a movie is coming out that depicts, on screen, genital mutilation preceding sexual acts with the mutilated genitals, violent pornographic images, etc. even given modern tolerant film standards, wouldn’t you think such a film would get an NC-17 rating?I mean, given just the first bit of the description above with the mutilation, which involved mutilating a man then a women with sexual acts in between all shown on screen, you’d think an NC-17 rating would be warranted, wouldn’t you?The film “Anti-Christ” opens this Friday. Forget the world view of the film. Forget the message of the film, even though most critics are at a loss for what the message might be. Just focus on the images, however disgusting they may be.Why hasn’t the MPAA, the organization that rates movies, given this movie an NC-17 rating? In fact, they have punted and failed to give it any rating, despite it opening in theaters this weekend.I’m not a naive rube living in Hicksville, despite what some on the left might think. Still, the ratings serve a purpose. The MPAA should not avoid its job on this movie.There is a petition here you can sign to the MPAA encouraging it to do its job.