Charlie Crist Delenda Est

Charlie Crist may be well tanned, but he cannot be well rested. After the Chamber of Commerce dropped a nuke into the race this past weekend by leaking polling results showing Rubio has cut significantly into Charlie Crist’s lead, we have a new public poll.Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, running in a Republican Primary against Florida’s former Speaker of the House, is looking to go the way of Dede Scozzafava. That tan of his is just the color change before char.The Rubio campaign notes:

Gov. Charlie Crist’s lead over former state house speaker Marco Rubio in the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate primary has been cut in half from 55 – 26 percent to 50 – 35 percent…Among Republicans, 44 percent view Rubio favorably, 3 percent unfavorably, up from 24 – 6 percent August 19. But fully half don’t know enough about him to have an opinion. Filling in that blank slate for that half of GOP voters – positively by Rubio and negatively by Crist – will decide the nomination.

So that’s where Charlie will go. Instead of saying why people should vote for him, he’ll try to make the case that people should not vote for Marco Rubio.Here’s all you need to remember from Daily Kos: