Dede Scozzafava's World Is Crashing Down Around Her. That is a Good Thing.

Chris Cillizza is now reporting what I have been hearing from multiple sources for a week now.Dede Scozzafava is now in third place in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.That may explain why Scozzafava, through her husband who also happens to be the head of the AFL-CIO up in that neck of the woods, called the cops to chase away reporters daring to ask inconvenient questions.But can, as Cillizza asks, Hoffman win?I think the answer is absolutely yes. As Scozzafava implodes her voters are going to go elsewhere. With Hoffman in second place and voters most likely backing Scozzafava because of the “R” next to her name, the voters will go to the real Republican in the race — Hoffman.Hoffman is the strongest challenger to the Democrat and gives the only real contrast to the Democrat. Hoffman can win if we help.