Top Crist Supporters Openly Speculate Crist May Drop Out

It has gotten so bad for Obama’s favorite Republican, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, that Crist is on a state wide “I’m a conservative” tour. Unfortunately for Crist, he’s done himself no favors.Recently Crist attacked Rubio via a Miami political columnist. His argument was that Rubio is poorer than Crist and that Rubio supported massive state budgets. Rubio’s response? Crist’s original budgets were larger than what made it out of the State House of Representatives.In fact, Crist has been a huge tax and spender and is forced to scream to all who will listen that despite his record he really is a conservative. It’s akin to Dracula saying that despite his fangs, he really is a vegan.No one believes him.So strong has Marco Rubio’s support gotten in the GOP — Crist has yet to win a Republican straw poll in any Florida county — some top Crist supporters are speculating that Crist may drop out and run again for Governor instead.

[T]hat probably won’t happen. But while the idea of Crist switching races is unlikely and probably absurd, the entertainment of such an absurdity by the Crist-can’t-lose crowd is noteworthy. They’re nervous. So is Crist, who’s unexpectedly dropping in at Republican committee meetings, where straw poll after straw by rank-and-file Republican base voters show the base favors Rubio.

Rubio surprised the GOP establishment by raising $1 million last quarter. We need to keep helping him and thereby teach the GOP Establishment a very serious lesson.

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