On Newt Gingrich's Endorsement

A lot of people have called me and emailed me to say that the original post that was here was too rough on former Speaker Gingrich. I’ll concede that this could be the case and replace the text with this instead.

For several weeks conservative leaders have been asking Mr. Gingrich to sit out of NY-23, knowing Pete Sessions and others were pressuring Gingrich to get in. I’ve been told by several that they thought they had an understanding with the Speaker. Today’s endorsement took many of them by surprise and a number feel betrayed.

An unconfirmed rumor is that the endorsement was in exchange for Dede Scozzafava pledging to support tax cuts. That should tell you all you need to know.

The conservative movement has made NY-23, like the Florida Senate race, a Hill to Die On. Here, in New York of all places, the conservative movement will tell the GOP that it will either win with conservatives or lose without them. Conservatives across the spectrum of conservatism from Fred Thompson to Mike Huckabee and on and on have told the GOP it is time to turn back to limited government and will fight the GOP in NY-23 for supporting a woman who embraces large government and destructive social policies.

It is unhelpful when people like Newt Gingrich break away from the movement to endorse candidates who are also supported by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, ACORN, unions,, etc. and a woman who has several hundred thousands of dollars of tax liens and business failures galore to go with them.

Perhaps I said more than I should have in my earlier post as I was rather angry about this turn of events when I wrote it. So let me now say that, at least, along with a great deal of the movement that has felt Newt to be one of us, I am disappointed.