BREAKING: Scozzafava Possibly Mulling Party Switch

As I said in my previous post, the Democrat in NY-23 has a greater likelihood of voting with the GOP than Dede Scozzafava.Now The Weekly Standard is reporting that when asked about switching to the Democrats upon election, the Scozzafava campaign was less than reassuring for the GOP.

Will Dede Scozzafava, the liberal Republican running in the November 3 special election for Army Secretary John McHugh’s open upstate New York seat, stay in the Republican party in the (unlikely) event that she wins? Would she run in 2010 as a Republican—facing what would likely be a tough primary? Or would she pull as Specter?Her spokesman Matthew Burns won’t say. Asked via email if Scozzafava would commit to running in a Republican primary in 2010, Burns replied last night, “Dede is focused on the election that is Nov. 3.”He wrote that Scozzafava currently “is a vote for Rep. Boehner” to be speaker of the House.

So definitive. Oh, and Dede, should she win, is going to be primaried in a Republican Primary where actual Republicans get to vote for their candidate instead of an anointing by party chairs.Just brilliant.

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