What a Real Leader Looks Like

A real leader looks like Mike Pence. While John Boehner and Eric Cantor have rushed to line up with ACORN and support a Republican candidate in NY-23 who is to the left of her Democrat opponent, Congressman Mike Pence, the Chairman of the Republican Conference, refuses despite pressure to join Cantor and Boehner.Pence refuses to take shots at his own side, but is also refusing to lend his money and name to a candidate craving undeserved legitimacy as a real Republican.It should be our goal to give the House Republican leadership a black eye in NY-23. Having tried to embarrass the Democrats through ACORN investigations, the House GOP decided to line up with ACORN and have a hug-fest with Scozzafava. The sheer irony is that the Democrat running would be more likely to vote with the House GOP than the Republican.But there is a third candidate, Doug Hoffman. Hoffman would caucus with the GOP and tried to become the GOP nominee, but was rebuffed by local party chairmen who picked Scozzafava.Hoffman is both viable and can win. He needs our help to pull it off. Go here to donate to Hoffman. Right now Hoffman is in second place with Scozzafava in third place. Neither the Republican nor Democrat have funded a ground game, but Hoffman has.He needs our contributions though and he can win. The best way to give the GOP a black eye is help Doug Hoffman win.