In Which I Am Validated By the Left as a Consequential and Influential Person

As I mentioned earlier today, Talking Points Memo intended to do a hit job on me and I failed to cooperate.Their reporter, who used to write obituaries and cover corn dog eating contests for a small newspaper, decided she wanted to be an activist and left for pastures further left. Today, after I failed to cooperate, TPM released its hit job in which they revealed I did incendiary things like quote Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, combat unions, and play the Left’s own “Hitler game” against them.Shudder.It actually makes for a humorous read on the level of an 8th grader’s first draft essay attempt at being salacious. I am flattered though. It’s always nice to be validated by your political opponents as someone they need to attack.What’s so funny is that most of the stuff the gal wrote is really only awful stuff if your presupposition in life really is that America is a loathsome place in need of a total makeover and all its defenders are loathsome too.I’m sure there’ll be more of these in the future.