Anita Dunn: Why is being a fan of Mao more acceptable than being a fan of Hitler?

Following up on Moe’s post you just cannot parody these Obama appointees.Anita Dunn is Barack Obama’s Communications Director.She tried starting a war with Fox News that left even leftwing commentators scratching their heads calling Obama a wimp. Claiming that Fox News is part of the right wing echo chamber, Dunn ran to CNN to complain about Fox News not offering sexual favors to Obama like . . . well . . . CNN and the other networks.How dare it maintain its integrity!?!Well, thanks to our friend Glenn Beck, we have Anita Dunn on tape declaring her favorite philosopher is Mao — the Chinese Hitler. Mao led the communist revolution in China and became China’s dictatorial and insanely paranoid leader.Hitler sought to exterminate a whole race of citizen. Mao decided to exterminate all of his citizens, or at least significant classes of citizenry, driving many to suicide to avoid ritualistic violence at the hands of Mao’s red brigade. Mao’s response? “China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we cannot do without a few people.”Mao’s political and philosophical writings read like Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He drove the educated classes to starvation. Kids were put in charge of adults. Educated workers were forced to work in fields. He fostered a cult of personality that affects China even today.She describes Mao as not just her favorite political philosopher, but one of the “two people I turn to most.” The other, tragically or humorously depending on your frame of mind, being Mother Teresa. I can bet you that between the two it is not Mother Teresa who Anita Dunn looks to for guidance on abortion policy.How in God’s name is it acceptable for the woman in charge of the White House’s communications shop to declare Hitler her favorite philosopher? The answer is that it is not. Why then is Mao acceptable?