The Chamber Steps Up to the Plate

This is a good read.

Today we are launching “American Free Enterprise: Dream Big,” a comprehensive and sustained campaign to remind, educate, and persuade our fellow citizens and leaders that the free enterprise values of individual initiative, hard work, freedom of choice, and the free exchange of trade, capital, and ideas that built this great country can lead us back to prosperity.Through a national advertising campaign, grassroots advocacy, and a broad program of community outreach and public education, we will make the case to the American people that a strong free enterprise system is the best way forward for good-paying jobs, solutions to national challenges, and unlimited opportunity.

It is great to see the Chamber stepping up to do this. Some group needs to and it is a natural fit. At the same time, I hope Republicans do not go into default “friend-foe” mode here. Big business is not the GOP’s friend. We should remain the Party of the Entrepreneur, not the Party of Business. There is a real and critical difference.