Morning Briefing for October 14, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing
For October 14, 2009
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1. Pour Rock Salt on Snowe

Olympia Snowe has sold out the country. Having been banished to our world after Aslan chased her out of Narnia, Snowe is intent on corrupting this place too.So we should melt her.What melts snow? Rock salt.I’m going to ship this 5 pound bag of rock salt to her office in Maine. It’s only $3.00. You should join me.It is a visible demonstration of our contempt for her. First she votes for the stimulus. Now this.It’s time to melt Snowe. ORDER YOUR BAG HERE.The mailing address is:3 Canal PlazaSuite 601Portland, ME 04101 Main: (207) 874-0883Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Media Smears Rush Limbaugh, Considers Wikiquote to be a Reliable Source.

Having failed to prevent Rush Limbaugh from becoming a successful and wealthy entertainer, the mainstream media has apparently decided that they will attempt the next best thing; attempt to keep Rush Limbaugh from spending his money in the way he desires. In this case, Rush apparently desires to spend his money on a portion of the controlling stock in the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League. In the initial stages of this story, the media attempted to thwart Limbaugh’s plans by trumpeting his comments from several years ago to the effect that the media was overrating Donovan McNabb as a quarterback because they were desirous of seeing a black quarterback succeed. One assumes that the media has at long last realized the self-evident truth that Limbaugh’s comments about McNabb could not be construed as racist by anyone not determined to find racism in any sentence containing the word “black.” Therefore, they have set about with phase two of this story, attacking Limbaugh as racist with completely fabricated and unsourced quotes…Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Rick Sanchez of CNN Ran Over a Man Then Fled the Scene. Two Hours Later, Sanchez Was Still Drunk.

Here is what is phony.Rick Sanchez quoted Rush Limbaugh on CNN and the quote was fabricated. The racially insensitive quote attributed to Limbaugh was made up on the internet and not uttered by Rush.Sanchez has refused to apologize for using the quote in a hit job on Limbaugh designed to destroy Limbaugh’s bid for the St. Louis Rams.Here is what is real.Rick Sanchez ran over a man and left the guy for dead.It was December 10, 1990. Sanchez was leaving a Miami Dolphins game when he ran over a man. Sanchez fled the scene for two hours.Finally, Sanchez came back. Two hours after the incident, Sanchez was still drunk — well above the legal limit. But Sanchez was a well known Miami reporter with lots of friends on the police force. He was never charged with the hit and run. He just pled no contest to DUI.The man Sanchez hit and ran away from? He died in 1995, paralyzed and in a nursing home.This is the guy who decided to take to television this week and moralize against Rush.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Will Obama Ask The Taliban The Deal-Breaker Question?

We were never going to create an ideal liberal democracy in Afghanistan, given its combination of (among other things) tribal warlord culture, illiteracy and poverty, but without going into the whole 8-year blow-by-blow, the Karzai government has by and large held together in one form or another for 8 years as a mostly-willing ally against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Recently, however, especially since Al Qaeda’s activities in Iraq have been winding down, the Taliban has been gaining more of a foothold, requiring the U.S. to face a choice: step up its own presence, or stand down and allow the Taliban to take its best shot at regaining power.Now, Obama is putting up trial balloons about giving up on the whole project and accepting the Taliban returning to power as a fait accompli before it has even become one (passively allowing conditions on the ground to worsen and then accept the results as inevitable is Obama’s go-to foreign policy move). But Allahpundit asks one crucial question we need to put to the Taliban to test whether or not it’s completely insane to do this . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. When Nuts Collide: ACORN Power Struggle in New Orleans

Over the weekend, an unpaid ACORN volunteer in New Orleans expressed her desire to see a little more evidence of the Hope’n’Change she voted for when President Obama visits the city, however briefly, on Thursday.Since it’s hard to fire an unpaid volunteer, the Big Wigs from HQ showed up on Tuesday and sacked Beth Butler, longtime executive director of Louisiana ACORN.But there might be more to the story. Pass the popcorn and read on . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.