Is Robert Wexler Under Criminal Investigation?

Yesterday, unexpectedly, Robert Wexler (D-FL) resigned from Congress. No one saw it coming. One of the suggestions is that he may be up for the ambassadorship to Israel. But it makes little sense for him to resign before confirmation, let alone the nomination.

Based on a Charlie Crist campaign manuever, I’m wondering if Wexler might actually be facing an indictment and trying to get out of it.

Charlie Crist is closely connected to Alan Mendelsohn, a Hollywood, Florida eye doctor and big time fundraiser for Crist. Mendelsohn was on Crist’s gubernatorial transition team and is a close friend. Unexpectedly, authorities recently arrested Mendelsohn and several others in a serious corruption probe.

To distance himself from Mendelsohn’s taint, Charlie Crist, acting as Governor trying to save a flailing Senate bid, called for a statewide grand jury investigation of government corruption.

In the news article, there is this curious line:

Crist and Florida law enforcement officials said the statewide grand jury would not interefere with ongoing, federal investigations in Broward County and elsewhere in South Florida.

Wexler’s district is in South Florida and covers parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Hmmm . . .

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