Dede Scozzafava is Toast. But We Need $25,000.00 ASAP

Kudos to Michael Steele. The Politico is reporting what we said would happen some months ago.

“Chairman Steele hasn’t put up a cent, not even the obligatory $5,000,” said a New York-based GOP operative. “There’s been no support from the RNC. Democrats are going all out for this race. Everyone’s in the same direction.”

Here is what I have been able to confirm about NY-23 and why we need $25,000.00 for that race ASAP.

  1. The GOP polled NY-23 last week and found: Owens in first by double digits and DeDe in 2nd with Hoffman coming up from behind and closing. Obviously, they have not released this poll. The NRCC tells me the polling was done, but Owens was not up “by double digits.” Owens was still in the lead.
  2. Owens + DCCC and Hoffman + Club for Growth have purchased TV through election day. DeDe has not.
  3. DeDe is in terrible shape financially. Almost broke. Oh yeah, and she has no volunteers.
  4. The NRCC is up on YouTube attacking Hoffman to keep DeDe from coming in 3rd. Yes, the NRCC is attacking a conservative for them to save face in a seat that they will definitely lose.
  5. The GOP won’t attack the Democrat because the Democrat and Scozzafava are running on an identical platform. It makes no sense for them to attack Owens on issues Scozzafava supports. NOTE: The NRCC tells me they are running ads on television attacking Owens.
  6. The NRCC’s money spent attacking Hoffman could be spent in real contested elections in the fall.
  7. Hoffman is the only candidate in the race with a significant ground game.

The fourth and sixth points are most critical. Pete Sessions is trying to save face and potentially wasting money that could be used next year. Also, Hoffman is gaining fast and can win with his ground game.We have the opportunity to make a significant impact in this race.GO HERE AND DONATE TO HOFFMAN ASAP.

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