Not Since Dathan Campaigned Against Moses Have We Seen A Campaign As Craptacular As Creigh Deeds'

The game is not over, but the clock is running out. And signs are starting to point to what we’ve thought all along.Creigh Deeds is toast in Virginia. Now, the rats are scurrying from the ship.

Democratic candidates for Virginia’s House are subtly distancing themselves from Creigh Deeds’ struggling bid for governor as the top of their ticket faces mounting troubles.While not denouncing Deeds or supporting his Republican opponent, Bob McDonnell, down-ballot Democrats are downplaying the importance of the marquee race’s outcome and emphasizing themselves as self-contained candidates.

All polls are showing Bob McDonnell ahead of Deeds and a sizable number are showing McDonnell outside the margin of error. Even more disastrous for the Virginia Democrats is that the polls are also showing the other statewide races to be in the Republicans’ favor — Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.Not since Dathan campaigned against Moses in the the Ten Commandants has a campaign been so disastrously craptacular. Well, there is Kay Bailey Hutchison, but I’m talking the 2009 election cycle and before.Fortunately for Deeds, McDonnell has no stone tablet to throw at him and the ground will most likely not open up and swallow him whole as it did Dathan.Still, when the Democrats are asking “Creigh who” when people ask them about Deeds’ campaign, he can’t be happy.