links for 2009-10-11

  • I hate Florida, the university, not the state.
  • Robert McChesney is Barack Obama's technology advisor. In this linked article he wants us all to know he thinks the United States is the greatest terrorist in the world. Really.
  • When I linked to this guy's website to comment on the website, I did not know who he is. Now I do. You may want to consider throwing some money his way. There are several good guys in this race, but this candidate is the guy who helped write the Guantanamo Bay protocols, etc. It would piss the left off to no end if this guy were elected to Congress. Heads would explode among all the right people.We may very well need to line up behind him. Besides, if he gets in Congress it decreases the chances of the left prosecuting the guys who made us safe. Having one of their own in Congress sends a strong message that we aren't too keen on Eric Holder trying to prosecute those who have kept us safe.
  • Surely one of you will cough up $7500.00 to take me on this tour. You know you want to.
  • Why do I always link to Mark Tapscott and the Washington Examiner? Because I always read both. You should too. This column by Mark on the Baucus bill really is a must read if you want to get up to speed on just how bad it is.
  • I did follow up my op-ed from last week bashing the local unions with an op-ed this week specifically laying out the five things the City of Macon needs to work on to resolve the issues in our local police department.
  • I hate this website. I want to buy everything on it.
  • Very neat picture. One of my first vivid travel memories was going to Madam Tussaud's in London, as well as the London Dungeon — another wax museum there dedicated to the former horrors of London.