Jeb Hensarling Becomes a Party Man

Former Chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee Mike Pence is not giving Dede Scozzafava money and is not endorsing her. He refuses to side with an ACORN supported leftist.Contrast that with the most recent former Chairman of the RSC, Jeb Hensarling, a man I have long admired and the first member of Congress I ever donated to. Congressman Hensarling is throwing his principles out the window and supporting Dede Scozzafava, It’s the establishment thing to do.I am a big fan of Jeb Hensarling, but today he earns our ire. I believe he is a conservative, but this is a troubling sign that he is becoming a party man. When one will so easily sell out principles for power — and this goes for all the conservatives willing to line up with the establishment backing Dede — we must be concerned.And has anyone pointed out that this seat goes away in a year thanks to New York losing seats in redistricting? All this for what? Nothing.*I have reconsidered and tried to make this a more temperate post, but I sure am hacked off about this.