Scozzafava v. Hoffman

The National Republican Congressional Committee feels so threatened by Republican Doug Hoffman’s campaign, which the NRCC says is going no where, that they have taken to running attack ads against Hoffman. Their accusation? Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is.Really?Okay. For sake of argument, let’s say Hoffman is not as conservative as he claims. That still puts him to the right of the GOP’s establishment picked nominee.Remember, Hoffman tried to get the GOP nomination, but local party bosses chose Scozzafava instead. The actual Republican voters had no say in the matter.Now, let’s examine the two candidates and their positions. It seems the NRCC would rather talk about how Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is instead of trying to claim Dede Scozzafava is anything other than an ACORN endorsed leftist.Scozzafava :

  • Supports the Obama stimulus
  • Supports card check
  • Supports Cash for Clunkers
  • Supports Davis Bacon
  • Refuses to sign no tax pledge
  • Refuses to sign no pork pledge
  • Voted to force all NY state employees to pay union dues
  • Voted for higher taxes 190 times
  • Voted for a bank bailout
  • Has not demonstrated any support for school choice

Hoffman :

  • Against the Obama stimulus
  • Against card check
  • Against Cash for Clunkers
  • Against Davis Bacon
  • Signed tax pledge
  • Signed pork pledge
  • Supports school choice

Which of these candidates sounds like the real Republican to you?Call Pete Sessions and tell him shame on him for supporting an ACORN backed candidate in NY-23. His number is (202) 225-2231. And don’t let his staff tell you it is an NRCC matter. This is a Pete Sessions matter.