Politics and principle in upstate New York

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When we did not endorse the Republican candidate, we caused some hand-wringing among Washington and New York’s Republican political establishments.I’m proud to defend our endorsed candidate, Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman, and I can do so without having to make any excuses for his positions on key economic growth issues. I would ask the Republican congressional leadership if they can say the same about their preferred candidate, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.This race comes against a backdrop of an impressive record by House Republicans this year. They unanimously opposed President Obama’s reckless trillion dollar so-called “stimulus” spending plan. They have been loud and clear in their opposition to Obama’s budget that contained massive tax hikes.Almost to a member, they oppose Big Labor’s outrageous Card Check power grab. Increasingly, they even oppose extension of the bailouts that many of them voted for last year. That’s a record taxpayers appreciate, and one Republicans in Congress will succeed with in 2010’s elections.That’s why their embrace of Scozzafava is so hard to swallow, and ultimately hard to square with their professed renewed embrace of limited-government principles.

You can read Doug Hoffman’s own post at RedState here. You can check out his website here.This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. It is the House version of the Marco Rubio race. We should put them both over the top.Make it happen.