Is Kevin Jennings the Safe Schools Czar or the Statutory Rape Czar?

Surely you remember Kevin Jennings. When last we wrote about him, Jennings was uncovered, in his own words, bragging about encouraging the statutory rape of a minor. Working in a school system, Jennings was approached by a 15 year old boy who told Jennings that a much older man had picked the boy up in a bus station bathroom. Jennings encouraged the boy to pursue a sexual relationship with the man.Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.”Well, now there is even more on Jennings.We have video of Jennings rather adamantly insisting that all teachers be forced to take classes on accepting all alternative lifestyles.We also now know that Jennings is on a personal jihad against the Boy Scouts of America. Our “Safe Schools Czar” believes schools are unsafe as long as the Boy Scouts are around and insists that local schools around the country purge the Boy Scouts from their facilities.Jennings, upset that the Boy Scouts don’t like gay scoutmasters after a string of unfortunate situations that Jennings would encourage were they taking place in bus stop bathrooms, has this to say:

The fact is that our public schools cannot be in the business of running discriminatory programs. It is wrong. It undermines the very reason why we have schools, and it must not happen.

Jennings is also a member of Scouting for All, a group demanding the Boy Scouts not be allowed to set moral standards for scouts.