Will Chicagoans Finally Get to Lock and Load?

AWR Hawkins has the top story at Human Events today.

Down here in West Texas, I keep a handgun in my car and usually one somewhere on my person. My habits are not novel: For I live among people who understand and value our inherent right to keep and bear arms, as well as our right to self-defense.Yet in many parts of the country, like Chicago, where handgun ownership was banned in 1982, the norm is quite different. In the Windy City, men like Otis McDonald, a 76 year-old retiree, tell stories of being prisoners in their own homes: unable to defend either their property or their lives because they are denied access to the very tool our Founders believed belonged in the hands of all “free men.” That tool is a gun. And for someone in McDonald’s position, having one or not could spell the difference between living and dying on that city’s crime-ridden streets.