When Charlie Crist Attacks It Means He is Running Scared

Charlie Crist is starting to feel the heat from Marco Rubio. Crist, Florida’s Republican Governor, has not yet won a Republican straw poll.Consequently, he has taken to use Beth Reinhard, a Miami political columnist, to claim Rubio is not a real conservative. Never mind the humor of a liberal trying to claim Rubio is not a conservative. It’s very Wizard of Oz with Crist, typically self-cast in the role of Dorothy, playing the bloated, floating face of the wizard screaming that we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.And the attack?Rubio cannot be trusted because he is not rich. Yes, Marco Rubio, the son of immigrants, has a lot of student loans and a mortgage on his house. Therefore, he must not be good with money.Or in Reinhard’s precise words, “Rubio has hammered Crist for accepting $5 billion in federal stimulus money, but never explained how he would have balanced the state budget without it. The easiest place to be a fiscal hawk is in an armchair. Just ask Rubio, who has more than $900,000 in home and student loans.”The other criticisms? Rubio championed a state budget that was smaller than what Crist proposed.Rubio championed greater competition among toll plaza vendors in Florida to lower costs.And, Rubio wanted to retain conservative staffers in the legislature to fight Charlie Crist’s leftward drift.If that’s the best Charlie Crist has, people will probably ignore that WB News clip about Charlie Crist that keeps getting circulated on the internet.