From the Mailbag

From: Brooke Obie
Subject: Chicago
Date: October 2, 2009 11:52:35 AM EDT
To: [email protected]

I surely hope you and all of your loved ones are employed and are not in danger of being laid off. You are really cheering the failure of Chicago to be the site of the Olympics–something that could have been an enormous stimulus to our economy–as a GOOD thing? It is really more important that Obama’s “ego” be deflated than for good to come to the people who need it? Shame on you, Erick, and Shame on your “followers” for being so ridiculously BACKWARDS. Obama fails, YOU fail.

Never mind that the Olympics wouldn’t be coming until 2016 and, even with construction, there would be no immediate stimulus to our economy.And never mind that many studies show public spending on the Olympics causes a long term net loss of money.