Even more from the mailbag

From: [email protected]
Date: October 2, 2009 3:51:52 PM EDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hey Hypocrites

One simple question for you all (which I know I’ll never get an answer to buy anyway):Why do you ban anyone that posts a comment that you don’t like? Nobody else does that, not even the most liberal sites. banning someone is reserved for extreme cases, but to you its used as an everyday tool. You trumpet out the constitution all day and night but you don’t even allow free speech on your own website. What? You don’t agree with the first amendment? Did you ever notice how its always the same people commenting that are saying the same things over and over? And that sites with less traffic than you have at least double the amount of comments that you do? That’s not a forum or even remotely a debate, its just propaganda.So you’re all for freedom except on your website? This is why you’re losing and are going to continue to lose. Less and less people believe your bulls**t so instead of coming clean and trying to face facts or having real debates you just silence your opposition in any place you have control of and crank up the bulls**t for your dwindling followers.Who’s supposed to be the anti-freedom communists again? You guys are pathetic. Nobody believes you anymore except for a ever-shrinking number of idiots and nutjobs.Mwhahahahahahahhaaaaaa!

I’ve got a question: Why is it that the people who want victory in war and our free markets restored are now said to hate America, while the people who want us to lose the war and want to fundamentally destroy everything that has made the nation great are now said to love the country? I’m pretty sure that’s crap and the left still hates America.