Tim Pawlenty is Starting a Federal PAC. Add Him to the 2012 GOP Presidential Contender List.

Tim Pawlenty is on the phone with me now. A few of us were asked to get up early and be on a conference call this morning. We did not know what it was about.Now we know. He is starting a new leadership PAC as he heads out the door of political office.His PAC is going to be called the Freedom First PAC. The particular focus will be “on re-elevating the principles of freedom and liberty first . . . in the political discussion.”This sounds very much like the first step toward a run for the White House in 2012. Everyone sets up a leadership PAC to fund other campaigns and, in effect, buy support.He says he wants to do outreach to younger voters and also to demographic areas that haven’t really gotten the conservative message.”Overburdensome taxes and regulations” will be one focus of the PAC as those issues hurt freedom and deprive people of economic liberty.He also talks about school choice and families “locked into school systems that are failing them.”