links for 2009-10-01

By the way, please start considering these open threads. The purpose here is that I get asked all the time to link to stuff and likewise see stuff that catches my eye, but isn’t worth a full front page post. So I decided I’d start doing this at noon each day, linking to things of note. Treat it as an open thread.

  • 20% of voters are undecided in NY-23 and the House GOP Leadership has chosen to join ACORN in supporting Dede Scozzafava over the conservative. By the way, Fred Thompson was the first big name to endorse Doug Hoffman. Where are Pawlenty, Romney, Pailn, Huckabee and the rest of the 2012 gang?
  • Leftists really are stupid, aren't they? Just read this email that was submitted to a publicly accessible Google Group. They actually think I am in favor of a violent overthrow of the government. I think Media Matters hopes someone goes after the President because then they will get to cheerlead a rounding up of conservative pundits they think are harmful to the advance of socialism.
  • I am intrigued by having one connection on my computer for all my plugs. I suspect Apple + intel can pull it off.
  • The right needs to start paying attention to stuff like this. As a friend said in email to me, "he Right tends to quickly mobilize over a hot issue or election and stand down afterward. The Left is ALWAYS plotting their next move via their interlocked lobbies, PACs, media outlets, and activists. The Right didn't plan to fail. It always, however, fails to plan."


  • Every Presidential cycle you have to have your harmless well-connected guy with the high powered consultants and no message or beliefs. It is a very effective strategy in primaries. I hope Pawlenty is not that guy and assume he will offer substance, but it sounds rather milquetoast right now. "Freedom" "Rah-Rah" [insert generic pablum here]. And I say this as a guy who likes him and likes the idea of Pawlenty 2012. He is a solid governor. But I need more. (True and fair that the thing just launched. I'll be patient)

    Honestly though, I really don't care about 2012 right now. I'm focused on 2010. And while his staff can spin that this effort will help in 2010, it will only help the party to the extend it can also help his 2012 bid, so it'll be a compromised effort until after November 2, 2010.

    Pawlenty can start himself off as a man of meaning and substance, however, if he engages for Doug Hoffman in NY-23 and puts his money where his mouth is.

    By the way, can Pawlenty explain what he meant when he said, “The era of small government is over…government has to be more proactive, more aggressive.”

  • This is nuts. Had they instead put on "Use condoms" or "Allah be praised," everyone would have been cool with it. By the way, the AJC writer seems to think that what the cheerleaders were doing is unconstitutional. I call B.S. The Supreme Court decision the writer pointed to accurately noting, "The court ruled the prayers illegal because school authorities had made religious conformity the price of attending school athletic events," was also very clear that if it was student based, student led, and student inspired without the school system pushing it, then it was more likely than not acceptable.

    This is rather ridiculous. And another example of needing school choice so taxpayers are not forced to spend their kids to schools that make them shut down their faith.