Must Read of the Day: Marco Rubio Taking on the RINOs

From Elisabeth Meinecke:

Don’t tell Marco Rubio his primary race for the U.S. senate against Florida Gov. Charlie Crist depends on money or endorsements. Rubio, who finished his term as Florida’s Speaker of the House in 2008, is focused on a much bigger picture: limiting government and thus liberating American entrepreneurship. The impetus behind his campaign is that same wave of conservative outrage which carried Tea Party protesters to Washington and put Rubio’s race in the national spotlight. His race is about message (adherence to conservative principles), and, as Rubio says, the only amount of money he needs is the money to get that message out.“I think all politics are about the grassroots. And the question is, do you work with the grassroots or manipulate the grassroots?” Rubio told HUMAN EVENTS in an exclusive interview last week. “Most campaigns try to manipulate the grassroots by raising so much money that they can kind of create false excitement…My campaign’s not based on that.”

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