Alan Grayson Calls Health Care Situation a "Holocaust" and Thinks the Anti-Defamation League is a "Crazy Racist Institution"

Continuing his descent into insanity, Alan Grayson went back to the floor of the House of Representatives today to apologize for saying Republicans want people to die — oblivious to his own support for euthanasia and abortion on demand.Instead of apologizing, Grayson said he wanted to apologize to Americans for this “holocaust” in health care. Grayson, who thinks the Anti-Defamation League is “a crazy racist institution”, can neither see the irony or shame in his statement. The holocaust was real with a real meaning. Roping it into the health care debate cheapens what it was all about.And what is truly ironic is Grayson champions a system that actually would compel people into terminating their elderly relatives’ lives as the elderly suffer at the back of a rationed health care line withering and dying.The National Republican Campaign Committee iscollecting money, the sole purpose of which will be to defeat Alan Grayson.I suggest we all give.