Ten For 10 is a Great Idea.

Here’s the problem: Republicans are winning right now just because they are not Democrats. That won’t help us though, long term.At some point we are going to have to have ideas. People forget, though, that the Contract With America did not come about until the end of the 1994 campaign season. It was the summer of 1994 and it did not get traction until after Labor Day in 1994.Laura Ingraham is being pre-emptive. She has come up with a fantastic idea: Ten For 10. Ten For 10 is about ten ideas to run with for taking back Congress in 2010.Congressman Tom Price, Michael Williams, Marco Rubio, Michelle Malkin, and others have signed on.The ideas are:

  1. A taxpayer bill of rights
  2. End taxpayer funded abortions
  3. Secure and defend the border
  4. Support a strong dollar
  5. Empower American businesses
  6. Defend America
  7. End Statism
  8. End generational theft
  9. Restore justice
  10. Make America energy independent

For more information, to get details on each of the ten ideas, and to sign the petition, go here.I’ve signed. You should too.

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