Morning Briefing for September 29, 2009

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1. Another White House Name Surfaces in the ACORN Rolodex

Is this the link to explain how Van Jones got his job?Last week we showed how Barack Obama is connected to ACORN by his White House Political Director, Patrick Gaspard.The Missouri blog 24thstate.com has built on those ties and has a look at Sara Howard, Russ Carnahan’s spokesgal. Howard and Gaspard both worked for Americans Coming Together (”ACT”) in 2004. In that year, ACT sent out a sensational, hate filled political flier showing white men spraying black people with fire hoses in the sixties. The ACT flier claimed Republicans were trying to intimidate blacks into not voting.Turns out the printer of the flier, along with Gaspard and Howard, is in the rolodex.But the Editor of 24thstate.com brought to my attention another name I had missed — another White House worker and one in a critical position to tie ACORN and the SEIU into the White House and entire Executive Branch is on Bertha Lewis’s contacts list.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Patrick Gaspard = ACORN = SEIU = White House political affairs director.

Just to repeat some of the things alluded to in this article (with some additions):

Or whether this administration has ‘full confidence’ in Patrick Gaspard. Which is Dizzy City-speak for ‘He’s cleaning out his desk right now.’Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Milk and Cookies for War Criminals: The Obama Recipe for Diplomatic Success

There is one country on earth led by a war criminal — Sudan. On the campaign trail, Barack Obama condemned the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. In Washington, on a near daily basis, there is a vigil outside the Embassy of Sudan to call attention to the genocide.But never mind the past and the rhetoric. Barack Obama has a new strategy in the Sudan — give the Sudanese genocidal dictator milk and cookies.Seriously.The Washington Post reports, “U.S. diplomacy has remained mostly in the hands of one man, Obama’s special envoy to Sudan, retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Scott Gration, who is pushing for normalizing relations with the only country in the world led by a president indicted for war crimes.”Gration’s money quote: “We’ve got to think about giving out cookies,” said Gration, who was appointed in March. “Kids, countries, they react to gold stars, smiley faces, handshakes, agreements, talk, engagement.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Nate Silver becomes the Joe Morgan of Politics

Nate Silver once was a respected mathematical analyst. His baseball-related work, such as that at Baseball Prospectus and on PECOTA, showed that he has the ability to make solid, reasoned arguments using mathematical tools.But now, he’s flushed his own reputation into the toilet with his campaign against Strategic Vision. The pretend math, and lack of serious analysis and justification, in his series of posts against the company is so bad, I expect him any day now to start ranting about how he hasn’t seen a given poll, but he still thinks that Obama has the consistency to pull it out just like the Reds used to. Nate Silver has become the Joe Morgan of politics.The plain truth is, much like a Joe Morgan broadcast, the Nate Silver articles leave one knowing nothing he didn’t know to begin with. Take the original piece. Here, Silver’s analysis boils down to this . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Congress’s Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare

President Obama and liberals in Congress seems intent on passing comprehensive health care reform, even though polls suggest it is unpopular with the American people. And despite the potential political risks to moderate Democrats, the President and left-wing leadership in Congress are determined to pass the measure using a rare parliamentary procedure. The Senate plans to attach Obamacare to a House-passed non-healthcare bill. Ironically, nobody knows what that legislation looks like, because it has not yet been written. Yet many members plan to rubber-stamp Obamacare without reading or understanding the bill. The Senate Finance Committee worked furiously last week to mark up a “conceptual framework” of health care reform. The committee actually rejected an amendment by Sen. Jim Bunning (R.-Ky.) to mandate that the bill text and a final cost analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) be publicly available at least 72 hours before the Finance Committee votes on final passage. The following four-step scenario describes one way liberals plan to work the rules in their favor to get Obamacare through the Senate . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Why Couldn’t the FBI Agent Keep His G-Man in His Pants?

The FBI’s most incriminating evidence in the trial of former Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) were the tapes gathered by cooperating witness Lori Mody, who wore a wire for that purpose during several meetings with the New Orleans corruptocrat. Mody, you may recall, was business associate who served as the conduit for $100,000 of FBI cash, $90,000 of which wound up in the freezer! of Jefferson’s Washington home.Mody was not proffered as a witness in Jefferson’s bribery and racketeering trial; the defense planned to call her mental stability into question. Jefferson was ultimately convicted on 11 of 16 counts back in August.Now comes news that Mody’s FBI “handler” (double entendre intended) left the Bureau last December rather than answer questions about his relationship with Mody.Please click here for the rest of the post.