Don't Get Sick or Die Quick

[UPDATED by Erick:] The best way to defeat Alan Grayson is to contribute to the NRCC.

Alan Grayson is the Democrat representing Florida’s 8th Congressional District — a Republican district. Alan Grayson sees the writing on the wall. He knows he is going to be out of Congress after 2010, so he’s letting it all ahng out.

Alan Grayson believes the Anti-Defamation League is “a crazy racist institution.”

He also believes the U.S. military is a treasonous organization that will “undermine Obama unless he pursues neoconservative policies.”

He also believes Senator John McCain is a “crazy cancer-ridden dishonest madman.”

And today Alan Grayson took to the floor of the United States House of Representatives to tell us what the Republican health care plan is. According to Grayson, the Republican health care plan is “don’t get sick.” If you do get sick, Grayson says the Republican health care plan is “die quickly.”

More precisely, “If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: DIE QUICKLY. That’s right – the Republicans want you to DIE QUICKLY if you get sick.”

In August, Barack Obama told the nation, including the Democrats, “where we do disagree, let’s disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations that bear no resemblance to anything that has actually been proposed.”

Guess Grayson didn’t get the memo.

If you have a radio show, you are going t want to play the audio from this video. The rest of you just watch:

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