Another White House Name Surfaces in the ACORN Rolodex

Last week we showed how Barack Obama is connected to ACORN by his White House Political Director, Patrick Gaspard.The Missouri blog 24thstate.com has built on those ties and has a look at Sara Howard, Russ Carnahan’s spokesgal. Howard and Gaspard both worked for Americans Coming Together (“ACT”) in 2004. In that year, ACT sent out a sensational, hate filled political flier showing white men spraying black people with fire hoses in the sixties. The ACT flier claimed Republicans were trying to intimidate blacks into not voting.Turns out the printer of the flier, along with Gaspard and Howard, is in the rolodex.But the Editor of 24thstate.com brought to my attention another name on the list I had missed — another White House worker and one in a critical position to tie ACORN and the SEIU into the White House and entire Executive Branch.Meet Nancy Hogan. Ms. Hogan is the Obama administration’s Director of the Office of Personnel.

Besides being the gatekeeper for White House jobs, the personnel director coordinates filling jobs throughout the government in the various agencies and on boards and commissions. The position calls for tip-toeing through countless political landmines ensuring that important constituencies and influential supporters’ concerns are satisfied and issues such as diversity are handled smoothly. It is, as one office veteran put it, “a constant jig-saw puzzle, constantly poring over lists” of candidates.

Hogan was the Obama campaign’s Northeast Political Director working in Brooklyn. Bertha Lewis’s contacts list has that information for Hogan, but the contacts list also contains Nancy Hogan’s cell phone number.If ACORN, the Working Families Party, or the SEIU wanted a jobs program at the White House, they have a ready outlet with Gaspard as the Political Director and Nancy Hogan as the Director for the Office of Personnel.We know Van Jones got by the Office of Personnel. Nancy Hogan’s name on the Lewis contacts list raises new questions about Jones’s vetting and hiring. The White House General Counsel is rumored to have raised objections that were overruled by Valerie Jarrett. But what role did Nancy Hogan play?More importantly, who else got by Nancy Hogan and into the Executive Branch?