Sean Duffy for Congress

Along with Marco Rubio, Michael Williams, and Nikki Haley, I’ve got my eye on a few other races.

One of those is Sean Duffy who is running for Congress in Wisconsin. If you are in your mid-thirties, you probably remember Sean Duffy from television.

But for the past number of years, he has been a prosecutor in Wisconsin racking up a serious law and order record and has proven himself both a serious public servant and serious candidate for higher office.

What makes 2010 so great is that we have the potential to pick off some Democrats who would otherwise be safe. David Obey is one of those candidates. Obey has never had a real job outside of being a state and federal legislator. He’s also a pompous ass. And this election season he is vulnerable.

Duffy presents an attractive alternative for the people of Wisconsin. But he is going to need some help.