New York Republicans Put Up ACORN Backed Candidate in NY-23

We have broken down in detail how ACORN has its own political party called the Working Families Party in New York. When a candidate appears as a Working Families Party candidate in New York, it is a signal that this is the candidate ACORN is putting up.In New York’s 23rd Congressional District, the Republican Party rushed to nominate Dede Scozzafava as the replacement for Congressman McHugh, now in the Obama administration. It turns out that Scozzafava is also an ACORN backed candidate having received the Working Families Party endorsement on numerous occasions.The great news in this district is that the Conservative Party candidate, Mr. Hoffman, is within striking distance of beating Scozzafava. We need to make sure Scozzafava is destroyed at the polls. It would be bad news to have an ACORN backed candidate infiltrating the GOP in Congress.