Morning Briefing for September 23, 2009

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1. Inside The ACORN Rolodex: ACORN Has Its Own Political Party Other Than the Democrats

Above is a word cloud of the associations in the Bertha Lewis contacts list we received. Some are legitimate business dealings. Forest City Ratner, for example, is both bailing out ACORN and relying on its support for its construction projects. But others are more intriguing.The larger the name, the greater the frequency of the name appearing in the contacts list. For many years it has been speculated that SEIU and ACORN share a common foundation. This seems to suggest as much. In fact, in at least one appearance on the contacts list, an SEIU official has an ACORN email address.But were this picture a tree, the trunk would be the Working Families Party. Roger Stone has suggested the Working Families Party is ACORN. Bertha Lewis’s contacts list suggests as much.Lewis is both the head of ACORN and also the Co-Chair of the Working Families Party. As you can imagine, ACORN would have us believe that those are separate roles. However, information suggests otherwise and we also know that ACORN has a habit of creating political parties for its own ends.To understand how the Working Families Party is part of ACORN, we need to understand the concept of “fusionism.”I’ve written about this concept before and it is essential to ACORN’s political strategy.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. General McChrystal to Obama: More Troops Or I Quit!

If you are old enough to remember the George W. Bush Administration and the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns, you will recall that a favorite theme of critics of Bush’s war management was that Bush hadn’t listened to Army brass asking for more troops in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. In particular, the Democrats practically made a secular saint of General Eric Shinseki, who supposedly was fired for delivering this message. (The truth is rather different, but the media has been printing the legend for so long it’s hardly worth the candle at this late date to argue the point). Gen. Shinseki even ended up being given a Cabinet post in the Obama Administration for little other reason than as a symbol that Obama would break from his predecessor by following his subordinates’ recommendations.Well, as we so often have reason to say of Obama’s campaign rhetoric, that was then and this is now. And we are learning that listening to requests from his commanders for more troops is not Obama’s strong suit as Commander-in-Chief.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. The No-To Guy

Today has not been a good day for our president in terms of his coverage overseas. In an analysis piece entitled Why everyone is saying no to Obama, Amir Mizroch at the Jerusalem Post recounts the many ways that foreign leaders — the Saudi royals, Dear Leader Kim, Mahmoud Abbas, the Iranian Mullahs, even friends like Benyamin Netanyahu — are beating our president like a drum.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. The Politics of PACs

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, whose decision not to seek a third term as governor sparked immense speculation among Republicans about a 2012 campaign, announced today he will launch the “Freedom First” PAC in early November, granting him the opportunity to curry favor among the party faithful by raising and transferring sums of money to state and federal Republican candidates.After launching a website last week describing Pawlenty as “extreme,” the Democratic National Committee today characterized the potential 2012 contender as a “part-time Governor” after news surfaced he was to launch a political action committee.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Media Matters Is On the Case of the ‘Stolen’ ACORN Rolodex

If you were doubting the legitimacy of RedState’s access to Bertha Lewis’s contacts list, look no further than Media Matters’ overheated rhetorical condemnation of our writing about it.Double standard much? If this were a right-wing organization, Media Matters would be plowing through it. As Media Matters does not organizationally poop without prior coordination among left-wing interests, we can presume they are scared by the information we have.And they should be.Besides the private contact information for various Senators and Congressmen, we have intel now on top Democratic staffers in Congress, third party groups allegedly unaffiliated with ACORN, and more.This is going to be fun.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Obama continues effort to distance himself from ACORN

There are a lot of connections between Obama and ACORN that Obama does not the public to scrutinize:

“Barack Obama’s failure to accurately report his campaign’s financial records is an incredibly suspicious situation that appears to be an attempt to hide his campaign’s interaction with a left-wing organization previously convicted of voter fraud.”

  • ACORN received thousands of dollars from the WoodsFund during the time Obama served on the board of directors of the WoodsFund (1993 to 2002) –$45,000(2000), $30,000 (2001), $45,000 (2001), $30,000 (2002), and $40,000(2002) [Donors Forum website – ifs.donorsforum.org, accessed 6/10/08].
  • ACORN was caught over and over again engaging in fraudulent voter registration. Something NBC, CNN and John Fund documented.
  • Then there are the attempts to wipe the web clean of potentially damaging articles concerning Obama’s involvement with ACORN and the false claim, made on Obama’s so-called fight the smears website, that Obama was never an ACORN trainer.

If I was Obama and my community organizer experiences were so closely tied to ACORN and all it’s fraudulent and otherwise dubious activities as Obama’s are, I’d try to hide the connections too.Please click here for the rest of the post.