Media Matters Is On the Case of the 'Stolen' ACORN Rolodex

If you were doubting the legitimacy of RedState’s access to Bertha Lewis’s contacts list, look no further than Media Matters’ overheated rhetorical condemnation of our writing about it.Double standard much? If this were a right-wing organization, Media Matters would be plowing through it. As Media Matters does not organizationally poop without prior coordination among left-wing interests, we can presume they are scared by the information we have.And they should be.Besides the private contact information for various Senators and Congressmen, we have intel now on top Democratic staffers in Congress, third party groups allegedly unaffiliated with ACORN, and more.This is going to be fun.Oh, and several Missouri and Ohio campaigns, in particular, are going to have a few headaches based on some recent staff hires.