Morning Briefing for September 21, 2009


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1. Obama: Make Illegals Legal to give them ObamaCare

After Rep. Joe Wilson captured what many Americans were thinking during Obama’s Joint Session of Congress speech, I talked to an illegal alien to ask them, what do you think? Do you think if Obama’s plan passed you would get health care?

The first answer was, Yes, ObamaCare will give me health care because I get it now, paid for by the State, and I will get it under ObamaCare.

The second answer I got was more surprising, Obama can say he will not give health care to illegal aliens because he intends to make legal those who are here illegally.

Then, at the 9/12 Tea Party at the Capitol in D.C. I see this sign, saying precisely what the illegal alien told me.

So, low and behold, why should it surprise me that the President said the same thing that an illegal alien told me, and the same thing on the sign linked to above?

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2. Cook: Voter Attitudes Hardening Against Democrat Congress

When it comes to the 2010 midterm elections, the conventional wisdom in Washington seems largely agreed a few central points: the Democrats are going to lose a bunch of House seats, and how many they lose will depend a lot on the economy and Barack Obama’s approval rating. In fact, in virtually any piece you read about 2010, you’ll see a significant caveat: Democrats will suffer less if the economy improves and Barack Obama’s favorability rating rises.

Veteran election analyst Charlie Cook says Democrats better not count on that.

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3. A national disgrace : Obama’s harrassment of freedom-loving Honduras

You may have missed this crisis if you get your news from the alphabet soup partisan media, who have mostly failed to cover it except to misrepresent it in favor of Obama.

You are probably not surprised to find that Poland and the Czech Republic are not the only loyal and faithful American allies getting screwed by the Obama Administration these days. The ongoing drama in Honduras is an outrage and a disgrace, but not because the Hondurans have done anything wrong. It’s because the Obama administration is actively intervening on behalf of a thug would-be dictator whom the Hondurans properly and legally drove from power.

Shame on you, Barack.
Follow closely, because this is an extremely important and telling example of the kind of foreign policy we are getting from Barack Obama. Let’s review what’s been going on in Honduras this year, and how the Obama administration has come down completely on the side of tyrants, cheaters, and marxists.

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4. Obama – I think I could use a newspaper industry

If you get your news primarily from the typical newspapers and alphabet-soup TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, et al) then:

  • Van Jones must be some kind of NBA center or NFL lineman, just like Johnny Malibu, Truck Johnson, or Tractor Traylor.
  • The words ACORN, hidden cameras, underage prostitution, and tax cheating are not especially related to each other
  • Republicans are racists because they oppose health care for poor people.
  • People who protest are racists.
  • But that didn’t become true until this January.
  • Democrats could get more done if those 40 Senators and 178 House Republicans would quit blocking everything.
  • You hear the word teabagger in your dreams, and are unaware of a site called urbandictionary.com
  • Honduras overthrew their president in a coup, but Obama is standing up to them.
  • Hugo Chavez is misunderstood.
  • All the world’s thugs and dictators are now learning to appreciate how warm and fuzzy America is, and at any moment are about to break into Kum-Ba-Ya and will probably wish us Happy Winter Observance around mid-late December.
  • America sucks, but Obama is changing that by apologizing to everybody, and fixing all the broken stuff like the banking industry, the auto industry, the health industry…and anything else he can get his hands on.

And because you are so well-informed, the government would like to make it so you are always that well-informed.

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5. Chris Matthews Unhinged

I used to respect Chris Matthews for being a liberal who was interested in both sides of an argument. Over the last couple of years, as Matthews has become increasingly blinded by his crush on Barack Obama, my respect for the Hardball host has faded. However, it was not until last week that I sadly realized that Matthews had become unhinged from reality. I only watched the first ten minutes of Hardball last Thursday, but that was long enough to learn that . . .

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