Morning Briefing for September 17, 2009


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1. Barack Obama Did Lie in His Speech: He Got the Facts Wrong In His Tear Jerker Story

Apparently you can get the compelling facts of the story wrong as long as you get the “essence” of the story right. Well, you can if you are Barack Obama.Remember the tear jerker horror story of malicious insurance companies he told last week?

President Barack Obama, seeking to make a case for health-insurance regulation, told a poignant story to a joint session of Congress last week. An Illinois man getting chemotherapy was dropped from his insurance plan when his insurer discovered an unreported gallstone the patient hadn’t known about.“They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it,” the president said in the nationally televised address.

There’s just one problem. The story Obama told is not true.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Dems Killing Access to Higher Education And Adding a Secret New Czar Too

While we are all focusing on H.R. 3200, the House Democrats’ health care plan, we should at least glance at H.R. 3221, the House Democrats’ plan to kill off higher education access.The legislation is opposed by many major universities including Notre Dame, among others. Basically, the bill would shut down all private providers of student loans, drive up costs for universities, and become a bureaucratic nightmare for institutions of higher learning. The professors may be leftists, but the administrators have to pay attention to the bottom line.The Director of Student Financial Strategies at University of Notre Dame warns in a letter to Congressman Miller, “Any legislation that eliminates choice and competition and mandates that all institutions adopt an all-government run program for the 2010/11 academic year is filled with immense risk and would create massive confusion.”Get that? The Democrats want an “all-government run program” to provide people access to money to pay for college. And if they do that, then they can force universities to comply with lots of new rules or deny students the right to use federal student loans to go to particular colleges.But it gets better. Boy does it ever get better.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Harry Reid Plays Washington Two Step And Gets Caught

Harry Reid must really be in danger of losing his Senate seat.Today Harry Reid sent out a press release to the national media praising Senator Baucus for his new proposal on health care reform.There’s just one problem. And it could be fatal to Harry Reid’s re-election chances in Nevada.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. It Is Time To Go To DEFCON 1. Bob Bennett Is About to Screw America.

Meet Bob Bennett. He is a Republican United States Senator. He is up for re-election next year.Bob Bennett is about to screw America.Bob Bennett is a fiscally irresponsible Senator who prides himself on being a Senator’s Senator. He was the only Republican who stood up and clapped when Barack Obama attacked Sarah Palin in his Joint Session of Congress speech last week.And Bob Bennett wants to cut a deal on healthcare. Why? Because that’s what Senators do. They compromise. And if you are a Republican Senator, you capitulate.Bob Bennett is working with Ron Wyden of Oregon on a healthcare alternative. They’ve proposed this plan for a while. The plan is terrible. As the Heritage Foundation correctly notes, “Despite many attractive tax reform aspects, a troubling feature of the bill is that it would replace the current health system with one that is heavily regulated by the federal government: Individuals would have access only to plans permitted by the government and would be required to purchase such a plan.”Likewise, the Wyden-Bennett plan mandates abortion funding, imposes federal mandates on citizens to have insurance, increases federal regulation, and cripples the several states.This is Bob Bennett’s pet snake. He wants to rap it around the American public and constrict us while championing his having done something.And today, Barack Obama called Bob Bennett and Ron Wyden to the White House to chat. One guess what that’s about.Bob Bennett is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory just so he can feel good about his legislative record.Did I mention he’s up for re-election next year?Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Barack Obama Throws The House Democratic Conference Under the Bus

I don’t know, psychologically, what it is that compels a man like Barack Obama to systematically throw under the bus every person who helps him. But he has done it again.This will have devastating reprecussions for the House Democrats. Having pushed as hard as they could to get Cap and Trade passed in the House, the United States Senate has blocked consideration of the legislation until, at best, next year.In a just released memo from the White House that was actually prepared months ago, turns out the White House knows cap and trade will amount to a massive tax increase on middle class families.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Sen. Baucus, without Senators Rockefeller, Wyden and Snowe Now does not Have the Votes to Pass the Bill Out of Committee

The words tax/taxes and fine/fines appear in the Senator Baucus bill 243 times.There are Not Enough Votes for the Baucus Bill to be Voted Out of the Finance CommitteeWithout Senators Wyden, Rockefeller and Snowe, Chairman Baucus does not have the votes to pass the bill out of the Senate Finance Committee.This means there will be horse trading a-go-go and the results will be interesting.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Obama’s Retreat in Afghanistan

I did a short diary on this subject a few days ago contending that the conundrum facing the Obama Administration in Afghanistan is that it knows it can’t lose the war and, yet, it believes winning the war is wrong.My analysis was flawed because I failed to take into consideration the chutzpah required to break out of this binary scenario. We are on the cusp of a campaign by the White House to convince us that Afghanistan simply isn’t important. . . .In yesterday’s Washington Post, former CIA weenie Paul Pillar argues that Afghanistan as a terrorist haven is a mistaken presumption that threatens to make Afghanistan [cue ominous scary music] another Vietnam.For those of you who don’t remember, Paul Pillar is the CIA official who attempted to aid the election of John Kerry by attacking the Bush Administration’s Iraq policy shortly before the 2004 election in what was billed as an “off the record” address. Thankfully he was outed by Bob Novak. He also claimed that secular Ba’athists in Iraq would never cooperate with al Qaeda and defended the CIA’s gross shortcoming in Iraq intelligence pre-2003 by saying, in essence, so what?Please click here for the rest of the post.

8. 15 Days and We’re Not Meeting the Goal

No sense in being coy about it. We’re not meeting our goal. In fact, the fundraising for these four sucks.I know cash is tight, but unless conservatives are willing to step up to the plate, we’re not going to get these guys elected and, frankly, the establishment of the Republican Party will keep ignoring us.Let’s be honest. One of the reasons the left is so head over heels in love with the online left is because of the moonbat ability to turn on the cash. Even Ron Paul’s followers do better than conservatives.Yes, yes, we can go to the polls in droves, etc., but cash is king in politics. And if we want to be taken seriously, we need to step up to the plate. I know that hacks some of you off. Every time I write stuff like this I get dozens of angry emails from people suffering due to Barack Obama’s economy. I get it. But you need to get it too — you want to change the Republican Party and have a seat at the table, you’ve got to launch a coup against the establishment. And the best way to do that at the present time is support these candidates who are running against the establishment.It is time to step up to the plate for the fighting four: Chuck Devore, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Michael Williams.Please click here for the rest of the post.

9. Obama and Politics of Demonization

There have been three salient features thus far of the Obama Administration. The first is its secretive nature, elevating to the status of quasi state secrets information that has been readily available in previous Administrations. The second is a Carteresque level of incompetence which spans the gamut from economic to foreign policy. The third is simple nastiness when confronted with opposition.Since January we have been treated to the spectacle of the office of the President, in the person of his spokesman and personal staff, directly attacking private citizens who oppose them. Everyone is familiar with Gibbs’ assault on Rush Limbaugh and Erick writes today of yet another instance where Gibbs has launched a personal attack on a private citizen.The Washington Post reminds us today that it is going to get worse, a lot worse.Please click here for the rest of the post.