Charlie Crist not buying GOP's ACORN-ophobia

That headline is not mine. That is from the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. Of course, it is from last year, but it is indicative of Governor Charlie Crist’s problem.Charlie Crist got in bed with ACORN a while back and he’s turned a blind eye to all their shenanigans. Back in 2008, the Republican Party was laying out the evidence of ACORN organized voter fraud in Florida and not only did Charlie Crist do nothing, but he went on the offense against the Republican Party saying they were making a mountain out of a molehill.At the same time in 2008, Charlie Crist partnered with ACORN.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, for example, partnered with ACORN in March 2008 for a “Homeownership Promotes The Economy” taskforce. More recently, Crist declared that — contrary to GOP outrage — he was not upset with the group’s voter registration efforts in his state. The New York Times reported that ACORN supported a law signed by Governor Crist, which “changed the rules last year to restore the voting rights of about 112,000 former convicts.”

Were man-organization marriages legal in Florida, Charlie Crist would be married to ACORN right now, he’s been in bed with them so much. And now? Crist is again keeping his mouth shut, refusing to question ACORN despite all the evidence against it. But there is a growing problem for him. In a letter to Governor Crist from Marco Rubio, Speaker Rubio points out:

just last week the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced that arrest warrants were issued for 11 former ACORN employees accused of faking voter registration cards. While it is commendable that ACORN assisted in the investigations that led to the arrests, it begs the question: why were so many people capable of these crimes working for ACORN in the first place?

If Crist cannot exercise good judgment in his appointments, see e.g. George LeMieux, and he cannot exercise good judgment in his associations, exactly what good is he going to be for the people of Florida in the United States Senate?

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