Morning Briefing for September 16, 2009



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1. Nancy-Ann DeParle is the Non Sequitur of Obama Appointees

Last Wednesday night, Barack Obama, in his address to Congress, said

[W]e’ve estimated that most of this plan can be paid for by finding savings within the existing health care system, a system that is currently full of waste and abuse. . . . The only thing this plan would eliminate is the hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud . . . . Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan.

Get the point? According the Barack Obama, most of his health care plan will be paid for by “reducing waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid” and getting rid of the fraud and abuse.

Who has he chosen as his health policy czar to make sure the waste, fraud, and abuse gets stamped out? Nancy-Ann DeParle.

And why do I call her a non sequitur appointee? Well, a non sequitur is a logical fallacy and that’s what this appointment is. Why the hell would you appoint as your healty policy czar who will focus on rooting out Medicare’s waste, fraud, and abuse the woman who ran Medicare for Bill Clinton and utterly and completely failed to root out waste, fraud, and abuse?

That’s right — Nancy-Ann DeParle was in charge of Medicare during the Clinton Administration and left office having little to show for ridding the system of waste, fraud, and abuse.

But if you think that’s the real story here, this just keeps getting better and better. Let’s dig in, shall we!

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2. Another Obama First: Uncle Sam to Create Education Curriculum

Millions of Americans are marching, blogging, calling Congress, E-mailing friends, and writing to newspapers to say that President Obama and Congress are expanding government too far, too fast. We need to do more, because it’s clear that they’re not getting the message. The latest example: the House of Representatives is preparing to put the Department of Education into the business of creating educational curriculum for American students.

This week the House is scheduled to approve H.R. 3221, an education lending bill that CBO reports will increase the deficit by $50 billion. The bill includes a little-known provision to give the Secretary of Education $500 million – to be provided to to any entity he deems “appropriate” – to develop and disseminate free and “freely available” online courses.

This is unprecedented. Read on for even more . . .

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3. Obama Is Opposed By Racists

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel then crying racism must be in the other half of the duplex.

Many of us noted back during the ‘08 primaries and general election that the Obama camp would cry racism at the drop of a hat. He performed poorly in Pennsylvania because of racism. He was trounced in WV because of racism. In August 2008, Jacob Weisberg wrote that the only reason McCain could win the election was because of racism. They could never quite fathom that there were lots of reasons to oppose Obama other than race. Being the least qualified presidential contender since Wendell Wilkie and choosing convicted terrorists, terrorist who would have happily murdered Americans were it not for their epic levels of incompetence, and racist hatemongers as BFFs and mentors certainly popped on my radar as reasons why even Hillary Clinton was preferable to Barack Obama.

We predicted that should he win, the climate would only get worse.

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4. And That’s the Way It Is

Among the many Americans rendered ignorant about current events by too much dependence on mainstream media we must now count one Charles Gibson, anchor of the ABC World News. Michelle Malkin tells the story, “Several Chicago readers and Twitterers report that ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson told WLS-AM Chicago talk show hosts Don Wade and Roma this morning that the reason he hasn’t covered the ACORN scandal is that he didn’t know about it.”

Never mind three shocking videos featuring waste, fraud, and child abuse, Gibson didn’t even know that the Senate had voted yesterday, 83 to 7, to cut off housing funds to ACORN. This despite the fact that Jake Tapper’s blog entry about the vote is highlighted on the front page of the ABC News web site.

Which raises an interesting question: where does this guy get his news? And why should anyone trust him to keep them informed when he doesn’t know what’s going on himself?

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5. Reality Check on Joe Wilson

I’m told that Wilson now has collected just under $2 million dollars online and has “mountains” of mail to be opened with lots of checks there. As I said the other day, a lot of the people who’d be most inclined to give money to Joe are people like my sister and the secretary at her church — they are ‘thank you note’ and stamp activists who’ll send Joe a nice note and check in the mail.

Those notes are just showing up and the pile of mail is flooding Joe Wilson’s office. They can’t keep up from what I hear.

But what about Joe Wilson’s district? It’s one thing to make hay out of his opponent’s fundraising, but looking at the Almanac of American Politics, it appears leftists are wasting their money.

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6. Familial Fall Out

Joe Wilson’s son Alan Wilson is running for Attorney General in South Carolina.

I know nothing about Alan Wilson, but he’s Joe’s son and he’s coming under a withering attack because of what his father did.

Shortly after the revolution, colonials would abuse and often punish the sons of tories, those who had supported King George. When the Constitution was written, the Founders prohibited punishment in treason that would “work Corruption of Blood,” or punishment extended to descendants.

It is a natural tendency in the corruption of man to punish the children of those who did things wrong or perceived to have done things wrong. It’s like my neighbor heckling my 3 year old solely because she is related to me. It is part of the baser parts of human nature. And it is not right.

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7. 84 times

The Democrats say if you want to keep your insurance, you can. But then why do they require so much of you in order to let you keep your plan? The Democrats’ healthcare legislation uses the word “require” 84 times focusing on what should be your rights.


Don’t believe me? I’ve got the video.

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8. Abortion is Lethal — Not Only to Babies, but also to ObamaCare

The hero of the innocents, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), issued a clear and credible threat to the Speaker earlier this week, which resulted in the White House telling HHS Secretary Sibelius to say the President wants an explicit ban on abortion in ObamaCare.

From The Hill:

“A leading pro-life Democrat in the House is threatening to block healthcare reform if Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) doesn’t allow a vote that would prevent the bill from funding abortions.”

Pro-life Democrats have the votes, all by themselves, to kill health care reform in the U.S. House.

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9. Van Jones not fired – just transferred to another division of Soros Inc

You did not suffer under the delusion that Democrats are ashamed of their America-haters, cretins, adulterers, racists, perjurers, thieves, tax cheats, and other criminals, did you?

Did you now?

September 6 – Van Jones resigns under pressure as Obama’s ‘Green Jobs Czar’.

September 9 – He’s back at the Center for American Progress, where he was previously a Senior Fellow.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

Make no mistake. Van Jones is well taken care of.

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