15 Days and We're Not Meeting the Goal

No sense in being coy about it. We’re not meeting our goal. In fact, the fundraising for these four sucks.

I know cash is tight, but unless conservatives are willing to step up to the plate, we’re not going to get these guys elected and, frankly, the establishment of the Republican Party will keep ignoring us.

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons the left is so head over heels in love with the online left is because of the moonbat ability to turn on the cash. Even Ron Paul’s followers do better than conservatives.

Yes, yes, we can go to the polls in droves, etc., but cash is king in politics. And if we want to be taken seriously, we need to step up to the plate. I know that hacks some of you off. Every time I write stuff like this I get dozens of angry emails from people suffering due to Barack Obama’s economy. I get it. But you need to get it too — you want to change the Republican Party and have a seat at the table, you’ve got to launch a coup against the establishment. And the best way to do that at the present time is support these candidates who are running against the establishment.

Right now, we’ve got 15 days left and we’re no where close to meeting the $250,000.00 goal. If you can’t give, consider at least putting up the widget on your own site or asking other sites to host the widget too.